Nick Entwistle

Founder & Creative Director at the Bank of Creativity & One Minute Briefs

Nick Entwistle

Founder & Creative Director at the Bank of Creativity & One Minute Briefs

Nick is the Creative Director and Founder of the Bank of Creativity, working with agencies and brands to create compelling content to engage their audiences and generate big interest in their products or services.

He is also the founder of the global user-generated content community, @OneMinuteBriefs, which has a client list featuring the likes of WWF, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Oxfam, Pringles, Adobe, PG Tips, KFC & Guinness. OMB also has ongoing partnerships with Clear Channel, Canva and the Met Office.

Nick was the Creative Director behind the ‘C-Word’ campaign for Neuroblastoma sufferer Isabella that went viral with 50 million views across social media and featuring in national press and TV news. He also directed the music video and social campaign that led to the NHS beating Justin Bieber to Xmas Number 1. As well as this, he has led the #WorldWithoutNature campaign for WWF, where global brands take the nature out of their logos on World Wildlife Day. Having had half a billion reach in its first year, the campaign is now heading to its second year featuring brands and teams such as Wolves, Gymshark, Dove, Hootsuite, Aston Villa, Gumtree, Duolingo, Timberland and more…

Aside from his creative work, Nick has 80,000+ followers on his various social channels including @AgencyQuotes, which is a popular social feed that he runs where the creative industry around the world share all the #ThingsYouHearInAgencies. He has five published books and hosts events and meetups for the creative community. He delivers inspirational talks/ workshops at agencies & universities and has spoken at industry & business events for the likes of Lloyds Bank, SKY, The Drum & BBC.

Nick is also an ambassador for NABS Charity and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. He is a board member of the MPA and an official partner of anti-cyberbullying foundation, Cybersmile.






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